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What if its just me ?

    No problem. The idea is that people come together to share the experience, you will join other people creating a group, preferably a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 26.


What time ?

     We meet on the tienda patio at 11:30, Marina Internacional de Santa Marta and return for sunset, 5.30pm ish.

How much does it cost and how do I pay ?

    It costs 150,000cop per person, lunch included. In some instances you will pay a 10% deposit to the hotel (The Cantamar) or booking agency. The rest can be paid in cash to our team member on the day of your sail.

What can we bring with us ?

    You can bring personal equipment for water activities, for example snorkels and masks. And anything you normally take to the beach; a towel or sarong. Water. Swimming costume. SUNSCREEN. Payment for the trip in cash and some cash for the bar. 

snorkel dude.jpg

How to contact us?

    You can contact us by phone and Whatsapp 

+57 321 206 1691 (nick)

+57 323 336 6980, (Cantamar Beach Hostel)

If we dont answer right away we are probably sailing, we will get back to you after 5pm

We can give you information via all of these methods and take bookings in writing. We wont take bookings verbally on the phone incase of mis communication.

What if I get sea sick ? 

     Feed the fish! Don't worry, you can still enjoy the experience, you aren't the first and wont be the last. Take tablets before departure, drink plenty of water, if you feel nauseous sit in the shade at the back near the captain and wait for it to pass. MAREOL pills are available in the Mini Market at the marina.


Can I bring my own alcohol ?

      Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the Marina. If you bring stuff it may be taken away at the entrances and we don´t want to be responsible for it.

Where do we meet ?

      At 10:30am be at Marina Internacional de Santa Marta, Carrera 1 # 23. Ask for boat SONATA at the gate and someone from our team will come get you.


You only offer day trips ?

       If you want a private trip or are planning something special please send us a message.

Best way to contact us ?

      It’s faster by phone, we speak English, Spanish and Pirate or if we don’t answer just try again or send us a WhatsApp message.

Is there any security rule we need to follow on board ?

      Dont be the drunk guy ! 

Do you have to pay entrance for the park ?

    No, we don't have to pay entrance for the park.

Can you bring your own music ?

    Yes, we have a bluetooth speaker aboard.

Who makes great Caribbean wear in Santa Marta?

      You can go to the shop YEYE ECLECTICO.

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